Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Batman 1989 30 Years Later?

Three decades ago, Tim Burton and Michael Keaton's Batman ruled the big screen...


For anyone old enough to remember, the summer of 1989 belonged to Batman.

Upcoming but still largely unknown director Tim Burton's new film drew an enormous backlash with the casting of Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader, but upon release, the fans completely believed him as the new Dark Knight. After decades of production twists and turns, we had the Batman movie we all deserved as fans and cinema would never be the same again.

Fans may not have changed much since then, but the superhero film genre has. Today there are bigger and arguably better films, but none have become as iconic as Batman 1989. It was ubiquitous in a way that hasn't been seen since and it set the model for everything that came next.

Those of us who were there to see it will never forget that summer, but how well do you remember the actual film 30 years later?

1. "The Bat" Alledgedly Threw This Criminal 5 Stories To His Death, & Drained His Blood.


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