Quiz: Which Movies Are These Deleted Scenes From?

Do you recognise these deleted scenes?

The Mask
Warner Bros. Pictures

It's fair to say that no movie shoot ever goes exactly how the cast and crew expect, and as such it's extremely common for directors to leave at least a scene or two on the cutting room floor.

The reasons for this can of course be myriad: sometimes a scene just doesn't come together as intended in the editing room, perhaps it kills the pacing of the movie, test audiences hated it, or maybe a twitchy studio objected to it.

Thankfully these removed scenes tend to surface with a movie's home video release, allowing fans to decide for themselves whether they should've made the theatrical cut or not.

And so, looking at a single strategically selected image from these deleted scenes, can you figure out which movie they actually belong to? Some are certainly more obvious than others, but you'd be smart to scan each frame carefully to be sure before making your choice.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Which Movie Is It?


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