Rachel Dawes believes in Harvey Dent!

Is Maggie Gyllenhaal any better than Katie Holmes in this lousy role?

What is it about the Rachel Dawes role? Is it cursed to turn stars into scenes of gross over-acting and reciting uncomfortable monologues?

I hope she ain't as bad as this in the movie. I believe this is the first time outside of a few shocked looks in the teaser trailer that we have seen Maggie Gyllenhaal in motion for this summer's blockbuster The Dark Knight. To be fair she might have been brought into to do this without much preparation but I hope that she has NOT been instructed to act like Katie Holmes because if she has then that is a disaster waiting to happen. Genius bit of marketing though (we aren't publishing everything WB are doing because there is just too much, but we will post what we find most interesting such as this)...

source - /film


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