Rachel McAdams Might Be In Doctor Strange

It's not all about the Cumberbatch.

Having already ensured a built in geek-friendly audience by casting Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role, Marvel are getting around to filling out the supporting cast of the upcoming Doctor Strange. True Detective Season 2 star Rachel McAdams is said to be up for an unspecified role in the latest Marvel superhero origin movie, to be directed by Sinister helmer Scott Derrickson. Although nobody knows for sure who she's playing, odds are it's almost certainly going to be comic book character Clea, a student of Strange's (he's a regular doctor before becoming a magic one) who learns how to be a sorcerer. And if you don't think 36-year-old Rachel McAdams can convincingly play a college student, remember that the Ancient One is likely to get a gender change in the movie, so the comics don't have to be too religiously followed.
Chiwetel Ejiofor was once up for the lead role (which would have been really cool) but instead he'll be bad guy sorcerer Baron Mordo and the always magnificent Tilda Swinton was set some time ago as 'The Ancient One'. Once again, a glorious cast for a superhero movie but still not quite enough people yet to make a Marvel film. Expect some more casting news to come in the weeks ahead as this movie starts ramping up. Who do you think McAdams could €“ or should €“ play in Doctor Strange? Will Cumberbatch commit to the goatee?
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