Ranking The 10 Main Villains Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

From Gods to experiments-gone-wrong, who's the biggest bad of all?

Marvel StudiosMarvel StudiosMarvel's ambitious cinematic universe hits its tenth film in only a few weeks with Guardians of the Galaxy, the penultimate film of the studio's "Phase 2" lineup. While Guardians is an ambitious step for Marvel, it is very likely that the film will become popular just like its nine predecessors. Just as new heroes are set to be introduced, so too are new villains - Ronan the Accuser will join the ranks of Marvel's screen baddies, and the Mad Titan Thanos, last seen at the very end of the Avengers, will be further fleshed out as the evil mastermind pulling all the strings. With the mythology set to explode into the cosmos, it is worth taking a look back at that which has come before. Each Marvel Studios film thus far has featured a scenery-chewing villain (or two) that gives our beloved heroes grief, and while all have similarly diabolical plans, some of them certainly execute them better than others. From corrupt businessmen to evil Nazis to the gods themselves, this list will rank the ten main villains thus far introduced and address where they went wrong (or right!). Click next to see who takes the trophy as the worst villain Marvel has brought to theaters near you...

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