Ranking All The Pixar Sequels From Worst To Best

How does Incredibles 2 stack up?


Not too many years ago, the idea of a Pixar sequel was still a rarity, with Toy Story the only Pixar film that ever got to have a follow-up. The studio was focused almost entirely creating new and original material, but slowly that policy has changed and evolved in a natural fashion.

Filmmakers began returning to the studio with new ideas for the worlds they had invented years earlier, and once a sequel to Cars was greenlit, the floodgates were really opened. Suddenly any and all sequels seemed like possibilities, and since then, Pixar has been on a regular schedule of releasing a sequel (or prequel) every two years or so.

This weekend sees the release of Pixar's seventh sequel, Incredibles 2. Even back in 2004, it seemed practically inevitable that audiences would one day get an Incredibles sequel, since the first film ended on a cliffhanger that was clearly setting up future adventures. And yet it's only now, fourteen years later, that the film is finally seeing release. Was it worth the wait? Does it live up to the hype? Let's see how it stacks up against Pixar's (mostly) beloved follow-ups.


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