Ranking December 2018's Movies From Worst To Best

Aquaman annihilates the box office.

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Warner Bros.

Happy New Year to one and all! 2018 is officially done and dusted, closing out the year with the usual spate of big-budget blockbusters vying for your cash alongside a parade of awards hopefuls.

December 2018 was a particularly interesting month for movies because it saw perhaps the most fiercely-contested Christmas box office in cinema history, as numerous hyped-up tentpoles went head-to-head with predictably messy results.

Though the month did serve up a couple of yuletide duds, it was actually a pretty solid December for movies overall. Most of the big films delivered on expectations, and there was only a single film released which could genuinely be called unconscionably awful.

But of course, there's little time to rest as 2019's cinematic slate kicks off with the UK release of both The Favourite and Welcome to Marwen, while the rest of January will see Stan and Ollie, Glass, Mary Queen of Scots, Destroyer, The Mule and Vice hit cinemas. Buckle up...

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