Ranking Every Aspect Of The MCU From Worst To Best

Movies, TV shows, and short films, oh my!

Marvel Studios

The all-powerful, all-conquering Marvel Studios is the biggest brand in Hollywood and can seemingly do no wrong. Not content to rest on their laurels, Marvel have set their sights on expanding their shared universe to even greater heights to capitalize on their insane levels of popularity.

This year saw the studio increase their release schedule to three movies a year. The first two, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming, both earned at least $860m at the box office. The third, Thor: Ragnarok, quite frankly looks f**king fantastic.

Even on the small screen, Marvel show no signs of letting up. Inhumans hits next week, The Punisher and Runaways are coming to a streaming service near you before the end of 2017, Agents of SHIELD is returning for Season 5, and next year brings both Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors to television. And that's without even mentioning that all four Netflix shows have been renewed.

With so much content being produced on an annual basis, can Marvel keep up the quality across several media platforms or are they content to coast by on the strength of brand recognition? With sixteen movies, a web series, five short films and six television shows already in the bag just nine years after the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, the studio's output has varied wildly in quality without ever becoming outright terrible. Yet, anyway.


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