Ranking Every Christopher Nolan Film From Worst To Best

9. Following

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Christopher Nolan's debut feature is a far cry from Gotham City, intergalactic travel and the beaches of Dunkirk.

Following was cobbled together on a shoestring budget and shot on black-and-white 16mm film while the director was working full time elsewhere, and although the lack of polish is apparent, so too was the filmmaker Nolan would go on to become.

The movie follows a struggling writer with the creepy habit of following strangers around London in search of inspiration. He later becomes the followed in a vintage, noir-style twist and the creeping paranoia ensues.

The narrative trickery, plot twists and hallucinatory imagery that would later become synonymous with Nolan have their roots in Following, which laid bare the director's ambition as well as his inexperience.


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