Ranking Every Jim Carrey Movie Worst To Best

The rubber-faced funnyman's incredible career, definitively ranked.

Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey
Universal Pictures

Few actors have commanded the screen over the last 25 years on the level that the legendary Jim Carrey has.

After becoming a bonafide movie star following a phenomenally successful 1994, Carrey forged a reputation for himself as a reliably bankable comedy icon, his rubber-faced shenanigans entertaining millions and millions worldwide.

But despite his primary rep as a funnyman, Carrey has also proven himself an accomplished dramatic actor over the years - arguably one who's never really received his fair due where awards are concerned.

It is nothing if not a fascinating and diverse career, from mega-budget comedy tentpoles to smaller independent films you've possibly never even heard of (and in some cases, that's for the best).

It's also fair to say that quality is all over the map in Carrey's filmography, and though he can rarely - if ever - be accused of phoning a performance in, he's got a few undeniable duds to his name.

And so, poring back over every single Jim Carrey movie role, it's time to separate the good from the bad, to rank Carrey's movies from patience-testing worst to jaw-dropping best...


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