Ranking Every John Carpenter Theme Worst To Best

Synths and Scares aplenty.

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Many of John Carpenter's cinematic creations have a distinct identity, in part because of the style and visuals, and in part because of the sound. Carpenter's expertise in all things atmospheric meant that he could retain artistic control over both of these elements. Whether it was horror, fantasy caper or dystopian action, we in the audience never forgot what we saw or heard.

John Carpenter also scored other people's movies, and offered his devout musical services to the Halloween franchise two movies past his directorial input. Likewise, the themes to some of his own movies were scored by other musicians, the most prominent example being The Thing, which was composed by the mighty Ennio Morricone.

Whether they draw from electronic, rock or mixed nuances, virtually all of Carpenter's movie themes were cool. It's just that some were cooler than others. The following list takes into account not just scariness, but atmosphere in general, as well as the cleverness of composition and the memorable effect it had on audiences. You will also detect an edge of retro in some of these, and of course, that is half the fun.


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