Ranking Every Upcoming DCEU Movie By Anticipation

Origins, Flashpoints and star-studded sequels.

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For all of the cynicism about the DCEU and the apparent threat of complete cancellation that greets every negative press report or stuttering movie review, DC's shared universe has never felt in such good shape. All-in-all, there are close to 20 movies planned between now and around 2020 (excluding unknown quantities like the long-mooted Lobo film), with solo outings for every Justice League member in the pipeline as well as ensembles and huge events.

In the coming months and years we'll get fan-baiting properties like Justice League, a Batman detective movie, Flashpoint and a whole new Joker origin movie. And we'll see rescue remedies for the likes of Green Lantern, Batgirl and Nightwing after each was in some way abused by past movies (or planned ones). Again, it's a good time to nail for DC colours to the mast.

We're also set to be treated in upcoming DC movies by talents as grand and diverse as Joss Whedon, Chris McKay, Patty Jenkins and Martin Scorsese (albeit as a producer), and any one of those would be worth shouting about alone.

So which of the slate of upcoming DCEU movies - and their self-contained off-shoots - are the most exciting and which have a lot to do in terms of building more positive hype?

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