Ranking February 2015's Movies From Least Exciting To Most

Pride, Prejudice, Blue Steel and Deadpool...

Imagine getting to the second month of the year and not having to write off the next four weeks of cinema, in the full knowledge that everything released this month is invariably garbage. It€™s happening, people: Hollywood is killing the Graveyard Slot. At this point last year we got the unforgivably boring Lazarus Effect, the painfully unarousing Fifty Shades Of Grey and the frankly Hot Tub Time Machine. Highlights were few and far between, with most attention inevitably focused on the Oscars and the Super Bowl, but it doesn€™t look like we€™re going to see a repeat of that this year. As the release calendar becomes increasingly obese and massive films compete directly with one another, studios have had to lock not-terrible films into previous dump slots, and there€™s a very real chance 2016 will see the refurbishment of the late winter release date. And it isn€™t all just about cinematic releases either. Well, either that or all of these excellent looking films are going to absolute turkeys. But let€™s hope not, eh?

12. How To Be Single

It might look like your typical €œchubby comedy character lacks self-awareness and class, teams up with restrained thin straight partner for larks€ model, but there€™s no denying Rebel Wilson€™s current appeal. She€™s in danger of going full Kevin James - falling over, being obnoxious, welcoming jokes about her weight - but she€™s still very funny, and her Animal House like outrageous party girl does look fun. It just remains to be seen whether Dakota Johnson actually still has a personality after Fifty Shades Of Grey. Release: Feb 12
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