Ranking: Liam Neeson's Action Movies From Worst To Best

From the unbelievably awful Taken 3 to the terrific Rob Roy, Darkman and Batman Begins...

The King of the gradually increasing middle-aged action hero sub-genre is undeniably Liam Neeson, whose 2008 smash hit Taken endeared him to a whole new generation of viewers, and for the last 7 years, he's been reaping the fruits of that popularity, with a glut of action flicks and thrillers both good and bad. Of course, that's not the only action fare in the Oscar-nominated actor's career, with a few notable forays into the genre in his younger days, though for the most part this list will focus on his later efforts. A number of entries have been intentionally excluded due to the small size of Neeson's part: he appears in Krull, Kingdom of Heaven and Battleship so minimally that it's not really fair to deem them Liam Neeson movies, and as such they won't be appearing here. While some entries in this list don't feature him in a lead role, his supporting turn was nevertheless significant or iconic enough that it absolutely had to make the cut. These 17 action films are above all else a selection of the actor's most notable efforts in the genre, ranging from terrible cash-grabs, to solid thrillers and one of the best comic book movies ever made. Though at present the actor doesn't have many upcoming action flicks on his slate, hopefully there will be plenty to add to the list in the coming years, short of the Neeson bubble suddenly bursting post-Taken. Here are Liam Neeson's action movies ranked from worst to best...

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