Ranking October 2015's Movies From Worst To Best

Bradley Cooper, Sandra Bullock and Bill Murray get beaten by... Goosebumps!?

October is historically one of the biggest movie months of the year: the most confident awards prospects begin rolling out, and of course, studios start peddling all their seasonal Halloween offerings to audiences in pursuit of easy box office bucks. This year was no different, but it's marked by one major peculiarity: this October had an uncommon number of box office bombs, from low-budget passion projects to Oscar hopefuls, big-budget action spectacles and everything in-between. Whether good or bad, a ton of films flopped with audiences this past month, as Netflix continues to assert its own place in the market with the release of a certain possible awards player on its streaming platform. With another month the Oscar race has become that much clearer, and of course, besides being a month closer to Star Wars Episode VII, November will bring the final Hunger Games movie, Creed, Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and Victor Frankenstein. Here are October 2015's movies ranked from worst to best...

22. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 12% (3.4/10 average score) Box Office: Against a $10 million budget (making it by far the most expensive film in the series), the "final" Paranormal Activity grossed just $8.1 million in its opening weekend, falling short of even the more modest projections. Partly harmed by the fact it only opened in 1,656 theaters (due to the protest over it launching on VOD sooner than usual) and also by almost universally negative reviews, the film has made just over $50 million so far. A financial success for sure, but a massive drop from the meatier grosses of the four prior core movies. The Verdict: Expectations were never going to be high for a 3D sequel to a series that lost fan favour a long time ago: this was for many an obligation, a duty to get out of the way so they could hopefully get some closure on the various mysteries left up in the air. Sadly, The Ghost Dimension provides only the most predictable and dull answers, while ending with a disappointing (if not unexpected) cliffhanger that leaves things wide open for more sequels, probably going straight to VOD no less. A total bust and without question the worst film of October.

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