Ranking Taika Waititi Films From Worst To Best

From Asgardians, to vampires to Nazis, this director certainly has a varied taste.

Marvel Studios

One of the most individually brave storytellers working in the film industry today, Taika Waititi went from making small budget indie films in New Zealand to massive Marvel blockbusters and winning Academy Awards. His films are recognisable for his zany comedy and bizarre characters, along with plentiful heartfelt and touching moments.

Waititi has a reputation for encouraging improvisation on set, leading to some of the most hilarious sequences in cinematic history. He is a true auteur who carries with him a vision for every project he tackles. Taika's distinct touch can even be seen in Thor: Ragnarok, which is part of the well-oiled machine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and he's also in the director's chair for the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder.

Regardless of the project he tackles, though, Taika Waititi manages to have a consistently recognisable style across several genres, continents and budgets.

Despite comedy being a huge aspect in all of his films, Waititi's real talents shine through when he manages to snap into truly emotional beats, with Jojo Rabbit being the core example of this.

Taika Waititi is a visionary filmmaker who shows no signs of slowing down and he brings a wholly unique perspective to the industry, and here are his directorial efforts ranked worst to best.


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