Ranking The Best Movie In Every Major Comic Book Franchise

30 franchises and over 80 movies, but which one manages to come out on top?

Warner Bros./Marvel Studios/Columbia Pictures

Various analysts have been predicting that the comic book bubble has been on the verge of bursting for years now, but it's been two decades since X-Men kicked off the massive surge in popularity, and the genre is arguably more popular than ever.

While there's been more than a few failures over the years, there have been just as many successes, and the vast majority of duds simply end up being rebooted anyway. It seems that we're always knee-deep in superheroes and spandex, so it might be a little surprising to hear that there have 'only' been thirty deemed worthy enough to get a high-profile sequel, and we're here to separate the best from the rest.

In the interest of fairness, each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's standalone franchises are included along with the various offshoots of the X-Men series, but unfortunately there's only one spot for the DCEU given that we won't be getting a genuine sequel from Warner Bros.' shared universe until Wonder Woman 1984 arrives later this year.

The history of the comic book genre brings both the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and if it can maintain a reputation as Hollywood's most lucrative genre for the foreseeable future, then the number of major franchises is only going to keep getting bigger and bigger in the future.


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