Ranking The Mission: Impossible Movies - From Worst To Best

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...


Mission: Impossible is an odd blockbuster franchise in a lot of ways.

Firstly, in an era of franchise fatigue, it’s a series that actually attempts to reach higher and work harder to top the former instalment each time around - it doesn’t always work but they darn well try.

Secondly, it places a unique priority on its directors. With every instalment (until the recent Mission: Impossible - Fallout) being helmed by a uniquely different directorial voice. Even odder is the producer's embellish their trademarks and signature tonality over continuity and sequel baiting.

Thirdly, it’s a franchise that has taken a type-cast heartthrob actor (Tom Cruise) and basically transformed him into a powerhouse action star/producer who does practical stunts that even a young Jackie Chan would baulk at.

These specific against-the-grain qualities have led it to endure into one the highest-quality popcorn franchises still kicking around. None of these movies feels like a tired excuse to pump out another for brand popularity - they feel like passion projects from a ballsy (or maybe insane) star/producer, who has currently evolved it, arguably past long-time rivals Bond and Bourne.

The sixth entry (that's also one of the strongest) just dropped last week - so let’s celebrate and rank this high-quality bevvy of blockbuster action.


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