Read The Original Alien-Style Prometheus Script

Ever wondered what the original Prometheus script looked like, y'know, before the hundred million rewrites and edits that ended when Damon Lindelof (Star Trek, Lost) got his hands on it? Well you can wonder no more as it has finally been leaked to the good ol' Internet - and originally it seems, it was very much an Alien movie. The original idea, which was once known as Alien: Engineers, featured facehuggers and chestbursters and was penned by John Spaihts. Over the last couple of days his script has appeared over at Prometheus Movie Dot Com and the man himself has taken to Twitter to confirm its authenticity. Although there are some very similar ideas and images that made it into Lindelof's final version there are also some pretty cool ideas and moments in their that ring very true to the Alien mythos we all know and love. Have a look at this excerpt for yourselves and see what you think. Sound familiar? As you can see, Lindelof maintained many of the elements Spaihts originally brought to the table with his Engineers script - but perhaps Prometheus was a little less overt in its use of the classic creatures that so often sold the franchise to audiences world wide. The script has criminally been omitted from the comprehensive Blu-Ray set which was released recently, but can be read in all its gory glory at this link. Spaihts' next project is a yet untitled reboot of The Mummy franchise, and judging by his work here he shouldn't have any problems breathing life back into that long dead franchise. Have a read and let us know which version you prefer in the comments section below.
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