Real Reason Doctor Strange Wore Iron Man's Suit In Endgame

Deleted footage shows how Strange got his new clothes...

Doctor Strange Iron Man Armour
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Somewhat unthinkably, it's now been two years since the release of Avengers: Infinity War and a year since the Infinity Saga came to its stunning conclusion with Endgame.

The MCU is yet to reform in its new image following Thanos' defeat and Tony Stark's death threatened to kick-off an entirely new era and somewhat inevitably, we continue to turn our gaze back to what the Russos achieved at the end of Phase 3.

To celebrate the anniversaries, the screenwriters of Infinity War - Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely - and directors Anthony and Joe Russo (with Robert Downey Jr in tow) took to social media for two “Quarantine Watch Parties.” And as a result, we ended up with a host of new behind-the-scenes secrets and images most will never have seen or heard before. You can read all about them here...


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One of the most interesting ties in with some concept art revealed of Doctor Strange wearing the Iron Man suit in footage that didn't make it into Infinity War and it comes during Ebony Maws big moment. Or not so big...

Maw's death is actually a slight disappointment, because he's an incredibly powerful character and he ends up being undone rather too quickly. But this was a movie in which all bets were off, so it's not something we need to complain about too much.


Anyway, that scene obviously also sees the rescue of Doctor Strange after he's "stolen" by the Maw and taken into space, with Tony Stark and Spider-Man on his coattails. That scene too went through several rewrites and alternates were even shot, including the now infamous lost Doctor Strange Iron Man armour moment.

That version of the scene saw Tony send his nano-suit to Strange, who would end up with his own suit with the Eye of Agamotto in place of an arc reactor. It's a shame it was cut - particularly as it played back into Tony's experiments with unmanned armours - but at least we get a little look at it...


A cool moment sadly lost in time.

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