RED DAWN Remake Replaces Chinese Army With North Korea

MGM's long delayed Red Dawn update is getting a little digital make-over. Stuck on the shelf since filming was completed in 2009 because of the studio's much publicised money problems, according to The LA Times 'Dawn' is back in the editing suite having it's invading army's (the villains of the film) nationality changed to one of George Dubya's faves, North Korea. The producers are currently going back into the film and digitally changing all flags and paraphenalia as well as reshooting and altering some scenes with North Korean dialogue so as not to offend the Chinese! The whole exercise is costing MGM $1 million. As China represents a vastly growing revenue stream for western distributors, the thinking behind it is that it's best for MGM to play nice and not to rub them up the wrong way in case the country blocks future investment and distribution. Also since there is a strict limit on the number of western films released theatrically in China, which currently stands at 20 per year, MGM has decided not to discount their film totally from being a contender, with the early screenings to potential buyers not gaining much interest in the Eastern world. Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment said that the current print of Red Dawn;
"would most certainly face a less-than-pleasant reception in the giant movie market of China. €œ....there would have been a real backlash. It€™s like being invited to a dinner party and insulting the host all night long. There€™s no way to look good€. The film itself was not a smart move,€
In case you weren't alive in 1984 and haven't seen the Patrick Swayze/Charlie Sheen starring original, it involved a motley group of country kids who become US resistance fighters (Wolverines) against the invading Soviet Army, in the good old days of the Cold War. The film was written and directed by a certain Mr John Milius. And now that the new North Korean bad guys are in place for the remake, Red Dawn bares a heavy resemblance to the recently released video game Home Front, which follows the very same lines. And guess what, that was also written by John Milius. Cinema politics used to be easy. Nazis bad, we good. Now with so many shades of grey in the world, it's hard to pick out a contemporary foe without offending a nation or two. So who are the movie good guys and the bad guys these days? Red Dawn 2011, directed by Dan Bradley (Bourne stunt coordinator, making his directorial debut) and starring Thor himself - Chris Hemsworth alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Josh Peck, Brett Cullen and Matt Gerald is now seeking distribution and is hopeful for an Autumn/late 2011 release.
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