RED RIDING HOOD trailer is Wolf Man/Twilight crap

Ugh... I was expecting a lot more from this but I should have known all along that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was more likely to re-tread that in-vogue fantasy/forbidden triangle romance thing with Red Riding Hood and not make the Guillermo Del Toro-esque - heartless, shocking & blood-thirsty R-rated version that this ancient property demanded. Something like an American take on Brotherhood of the Wolf was what I was hoping for. This version then is The Wolf Man meets Little Red Riding but if Stephenie Meyer had written it and you know from the first line of dialogue that it's got nothing to offer non-Twilighters like me. "I'm wrong for you" says the probable werewolf dude in what I'm guessing is a pivotal emotional scene, to which Amanda Seyfried's Red Riding Hood lead responds "I don't care". Yup... been here before and so has Hardwicke who directed the first Twilight movie, and it ain't any better this time around. The only note-worthy aspect of the trailer is Gary Oldman taking his most obvious paycheck in a while and in the process putting on an unintelligible accent for his God-fearing werewolf stalker as a way of having fun with the dire material he has to deliver, I guess? And what's with the music? This one opens March 11th but one Twilight movie a year is enough for me... I don't want to see a trend of movies riding coattails.
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