Red Skull In CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Looks Pure, Satanic Evil!

At the end of Masters of the Universe when Skeletor gets thrown to his 'death' by falling down a Death Star-sized drop in his own castle (he really needed safety barriers) he lands in some kind of ribena coloured water that saves him for that still gestating sequel (I won't give up!). Everytime I watched the film in my childhood (which was a lot by the way) I always thought he was lucky that his race never turned red, for some reason thinking that because the water was Red it would change the colour of his complexion! Above is our first clear look at Red Skull, the villain of Captain America: The First Avenger, that's portrayed in the new movie by Hugo Weaving - and it's basically what Skeletor would have looked like if he his face had turned red. So I'm happy. Plus he looks identical to how he look in the comics. In fact he looks like he stepped straight out of a Marvel comic and into real life! The image made it's debut at Entertainment Weekly and you can see it in full after the jump... Captain America: The First Avenger opens July 22nd (U.S.) and July 29th (U.K.).
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