Reese Witherspoon on board for Midnight

reesewitherspoon.jpgThe full facts of why Reese Witherspoon pulled out of the movie Bunny Lakes is Missing hasn't yet come out. It was all very strange when she did drop out a few months back. Witherspoon had been developing the movie for three years and had hired Joe Carnahan to helm who I've heard to be fun to work with, but for whatever reason a couple of weeks before filming she backed out and the project seems dead now. So after three years on Bunny Lake, it's time to move on. Variety are reporting that the actress is being lined up for the Universal Pictures remake of the 1939 comedy Midnight that starred Claudette Colbert and John Barrymore. Little Miss Sunshine scribe Michael Arndt either has written or will write the script, Variety isn't all that clear.
In the original, Claudette Colbert starred as a destitute young woman in Paris who becomes a pawn when a wealthy man tries to get rid of the gigolo wooing his wife.
Never seen the original but it was partly written by comedy genius Billy Wilder and as all of his films are timeless and still hilarious in 2007, Arndt should have a pretty easy job updating it.

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