Relive The 10 Most Paused Movie Moments Ever

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Back in the days before blu-ray releases turned every film into a high definition master-piece, the result of pausing was generally a shaky image jumping around that you could barely see. It was a mockery of the idea of movie stills.

Now though, we've all been spoiled by the ability to endlessly trawl through individual movie frames, picking up on tiny details film-makers used to include as simply incidental furniture. And inevitably, we scrutinise like never before, finding the goofs and glaring mistakes that were once impossible to really capture.

We can also freeze-frame movie scenes to enjoy them for longer than the film-makers initially intended. That means we can pour over Easter Eggs and background gags that are only in shot for seconds, or we can extend the life of ridiculous or infamous scenes for further enjoyment. Occasionally for completely salacious reasons.


As film-makers increasingly hide details in their scenes - particularly Easter Eggs - the culture of pausing is firmly in its boom period, and you'd be surprised by how much it can add to your film-watching experience.

Behold, the ten most legendary examples...


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