Report: New Spider-Man Won't Be White

Peter Parker won't be Marvel's Spider-Man.

Miles Spiderman Jeff Sneider's day job is reporting for Hollywood trade website, The Wrap. Once a week, though, he takes part in the Meet the Movie Press webshow, and it seems to be one of the things he most enjoys. On this week's show, Sneider spilled a little hot sauce on Spider-Man. According to his confident claims, the new, shared Marvel-Sony version of Spidey is going to shake things up a little. "Listen, this is not set in stone, guys," he said, "but I'm telling you now, Spider-Man's not going to be white." Wow. That's... that would be a big deal. In real terms, that would have far more cultural impact than the decision for Sony and Marvel to team up on the character. It's hard to tell what's inspiring Sneider to say this, whether it's inside knowledge or the "journalistic instinct" he talks about elsewhere in the show, but he does say that he's 95% sure, and that the character will most likely be black, possibly latino. And then he added "I don't think it's gonna be Peter Parker." You can see the video yourself below; the Spider-Man discussion happens around 44:30. Spider-Man is set to appear in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. In fact, Marvel are going to do everything they can to make sure this happens - it's the first big thing they stand to gain from the partnership. As a result of this, the studios will need to come to an agreement on an actor soon.
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