Resistance Is Futile: Star Trek 4 Is Coming

Imaginative title registered with the MPAA.


It looks like Paramount have supreme faith in Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond, as the wheels are starting to click into gear for the next film. According to Trek Movie, the studio has registered the title Star Trek 4 with the MPAA, implying they're already considering another addition to the franchise.

This continued franchise fits with Simon Pegg's declaration that Star Trek Beyond isn't a trilogy ender, and indeed that Paramount have apparently asked for the upcoming Trek TV show not to exist in the same timeline that JJ Abrams splintered off.

It's also being reported that both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are already signed on, but you really have to suspect that a lot depends on the reception of Beyond. There were some eyebrows raised at the hiring of Justin Lin, and the first trailer was something of an acquired taste (particularly with its strange motorbike sequence), so positive response isn't exactly assured.


Hopefully, the franchise can survive those nagging concerns: the world is a better place with Star Trek movies, and provided they hire the right director, there's infinite scope for great stories to tell.

Surely that's not going to be the finished article? It's got to be just a place-holder title until a script establishes a real sub-title. Presumably we'll find out more when Beyond's performance is in.


Meanwhile, Star Trek Beyond hits cinemas this summer on July 22nd.

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