Resurrecting the Champ, He Was A Quiet Man trailer

Two trailers for your viewing pleasure... First up it's the Josh Hartnett/Samuel L. Jackson drama Resurrecting the Champ where Jackson plays a homeless man who turns out to be an old boxer who many believed passed away. Harnett plays the up and coming reporter who decides to write about his life. I think this look absolutely superb and Jackson has been taking up some decent roles recently after years in the shit heap (see The Man). Rod Lurie directed this which comes out in August (U.S. only).

Next up it's the Christian Slater drama He Was a Quiet Man which also stars William H. Macy and Elisha Cuthbert (who I actually didn't recognize in the flick until her name popped up at the end). The film was directed by Frank A. Cappello, his first movie since the 1995 Russell Crowe flop No Way Back.

The movie depicts Slater as a middle aged man who is so depressed he begins to take a gun to work with the obvious intention to commit suicide. Ironically another guy at work begins shooting people, so Slater shoots him with his gun and becomes the reluctant hero. He then forms a relationship with Cuthbert where he begins to "wake up" with life.

The term "trying to hard" with this movie and trailer comes to mind. It looks like it's trying so much to be offbeat and different that it was kinda distracting and I ABSOLUTELY HATE POPULAR SONGS IN TRAILERS!!! It's such a lazy way to invoke emotion.

source - cinematical, filmstalker

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