Richard Kelly launches Darko Entertainment

The new production banner promises more off-beat and interesting movies in the future!

Southland Tales, Richard Kelly alongside his producer Sean McKittrick have decided to start their own production shingle Darko Entertainment with the idea that they can avoid this type of mess in the future. The first movie under this new banner will of course be The Box which is his horror flick he's doing with Cameron Diaz and Seann William Scott. The banner named after his cult hit Donnie Darko, will aim to produce modestly budget and probably off-beat direction-driven flicks which I guess is something Kelly himself is known for. Variety report that his second movie produced under the banner will be Dirty Girl, which has a November start under the direction of helmer Abe Sylvia. Things do seem to be looking up for Kelly at the moment and although I have very little hope for his 2 hour 12 minute final cut of Southland Tales (although I'm glad we will actually get to see it), I do think his adaptation of Richard Matheson's The Box could be a smash-hit and this trouble over the last three years might make him a stronger director for the future.

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