Richard Kelly updates on Southland Tales and beyond

southland.jpgWay back in August, we reported that Richard Kelly'sDonnie Darko follow-up Southland Tales was to be cut by a whole hour and delayed for several months after the bad reaction the it recieved at a screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Fast forward to December 12th and Kelly has kindly updated his Myspace blog telling us that the final "locked" cut of the film comes in at 2 hours 17 minutes, around 27 minutes shorter than what screened at Cannes. This is what he had to say after almost a YEAR of editing on the flick... "I am very happy with this edit, as we have done a significant amount of work to solve the rubiks cube narrative. Justin Timberlake just recorded the final voice-over this past sunday. We still have some visual effects work to do... but expect a release date and a trailer soon!"Justin Timberlake you ask? Yes he is in it. Along with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean William Scott, Mandy Moore, Kevin Smith, Christopher Lambert and lead star THE ROCK. Yes it truly is one of the most diverse casts ever seen on film and when I tell you that the film is a futuristic science fiction musical, you begin to see why the movie might have been booed. You would think that after the exhaustive work Kelly has put in to get Southland Tales in cinema's you would think he would be ready to take a break but apparentaly that isn't the case. Prep work has already begun on his next feature The Box, which is apparentaly based on an old Twilight Zone episode. The story follows a troubled couple who come into the posession of a box that shoots out money each time it is pressed. As they get richer though, people start dying as the side effect of pressing the button is that someone is killed. source - kelly's myspace, bloody disgusting
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