Richard Kelly wants nothing to do with S. DARKO!

The creator of Donnie Darko is as dumbfounded and pissed as we are at the newly announced money-hungry remake.

Last Friday news leaked that a sequel to Donnie Darko had been put into production without the acknowledgment or blessing of the character and film's creator and director Richard Kelly which it goes without saying had us all a little pissed.

But let's take a moment to feel for Kelly. He never asked for any of this, to see his original material be butchered with a sequel that he doesn't want and can do nothing about is really quite heartbreaking. Kelly told this to /Film...
€œTo set the record straight, here€™s a few facts I€™d like to share with you all - I haven€™t read this script. I have absolutely no involvement with this production, nor will I ever be involved,€ writes Kelly. €œI have no control over the rights from our original film, and neither I nor my producing partner Sean McKittrick stand to make any money from this film.€
Let's hope somehow this does not get made and if it does... let's hope it's so fucking rotten it never makes it to the theatre. And that's coming from someone who NEVER wants to see movies fail but this project is so much out of studio greed, laziness and sheer disregard for the integrity of the original director that it deserves all the shit I will be giving it over the next year or so.

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