Ricky Gervais not looking at Early Retirement

Variety messed up. It would seem that our 'reliable' trade news source posted something that wasn't actually accurate earlier this week. On Wednesday we reported from Variety that British comedian Ricky Gervais was to star in the lead role of the Warner Brothers movie Early Retirement, a family based comedy about a work obsessed guy who quits his job to spend more time at home. The retraction doesn't actually come from Variety (as if they would tell us they fucked up) but instead comes from Canmag who actually went to the effort of contacting Gervais' publicist to ask him about his involvement in the flick. Their response was that Gervais had been approached about the film but he turned it down and wouldn't be involved in any way shape of form. This would seem to add up because as we keep saying, Gervais doesn't really want to do big screen acting and he certainly isn't one to take on too much work... and with him already shooting Ghost Town later this year he wasn't going to add another flick to his schedule. The script came from Accepted scribe Mark Perez and I guess it's being shipped around comedy actors as we speak. source - cinema blend

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