Ricky Gervais' THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH in Sept... THE MAN FROM THE PRU no more?

Once again going for the 3rd quarter opener, Ricky Gervais second lead film but the one that marks his directorial debut, THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH will open in the U.S. around September time according to the man himself (3rd post down at the time of writing). In a separate interview with Newsbeat, Gervais hints that it could be nine months to a year before we get to see it in the U.K. this-side-truth-bateman-ger The movie takes place in a world where no one can lie (it€™s not just that, it€™s a world where everyone is compelled to tell the truth€ not just not lie) and is not only one of the funniest scripts I've read recently but it actually has something to say about human nature, the absurdity of religion and makes a believable romance between Jennifer Garner and Ricky Gevais. Now that in itself is Oscar worthy. Another nice little snippet from the Newsbeat interview is that the film he has been writing with his usual partner in crime Stephen Merchant (who has had nothing to do with GHOST TOWN or THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH) has been forced to go through a name change...

Myself and Stephen have just finished writing a film which we're filming in June, which is set in England in the 70s. It was going to be called The Men From The Pru but the Prudential didn't like how we portrayed them.
I believe I read a few weeks ago that casting auditions had already begun. No word on what it's about, or whether their are roles for Gervais or Merchant.
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