Ridley Scott confirms Monopoly movie!

Ridley Scott was developing a movie based on the popular property winning game Monopoly which I totally laughed off as false. Well the joke's on me because Scott has confirmed the project is going ahead although I can't help but think the joke will be on them when it's finally released. A movie based on a fairly boring board game which no-one ever completes sounds a little weak as a film to me. I'm dumbfounded as how to this movie will work and Scott's comments below to The LA Times make me laugh at the whole thought of it...

Monopoly is still the most popular board game -- I might be misquoting! -- in the world. So it's really finding the universe for that game. Because clearly it ought to be humorous and for the family -- the funny way it brings out, particularly when your uncle suddenly gets Park Lane and -- in England, we have Park Lane, Mayfair and Barclay Square, what's it in America? Park and Madison? So you watch people change. You're witness to Jekyll and Hyde. Somewhere in that is a hysterically amusing and I think rather exciting film.
Not for my money Ridley. You might be the only one on the planet who was ever played that board game and thought... EUREKA, this would make a great movie. Think of the drama of trying to avoid two houses on Mayfair! That would make some great character tension... we'll hire Russell Crowe and the Oscars are ours! I wouldn't expect Scott to direct this. He has a ton of projects on his schedule right now (Nottingham, Body of Lies, Blood Meridian, vampire flick The Passage) and this doesn't sound like his stuff. I would expect another director to helm this thing but if I'm wrong it will be a good number of years before Scott helms this one because the other projects are more of a priority for him... surely? source - coming soon

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