Rise Of Skywalker: 13 Visual Dictionary Revelations That Change EVERYTHING

"Well, let's find out"... in the Visual Dictionary.

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The current state of Star Wars is pretty fascinating.

A hulking, labyrinthine franchise that has to support any number of toy lines, TV shows, comic books and a theme park from day to day, it's a wonder the movies are allowed to breathe at all, let alone attempt to chart new territory.

Right now, post-Rise of Skywalker, the vast majority of fans are somewhat questioning their allegiances. There's no denying that RoS is a bad movie - inasmuch as it's poorly paced, has very little to say, squanders its entire cast and ends on a "Huh... sure??" final shot you likely had to jog your memory to remember.

However, it is plugging into a stupidly in-depth canon of warring factions, interstellar space magic and laser sword-wielding super-humans with more retcons than a Metal Gear Solid marathon.

Star Wars might finally be the most convoluted entertainment property in cross-medium history, as where Rise of Skywalker dropped the ball adequately explaining... anything, the always-reliable Visual Dictionary accompaniment is here to fill in the blanks.

Even better, there are a ton of out-of-nowhere reveals that pave the way for awesome future instalments... if you still want them.

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