Rob Zombie close to HALLOWEEN return

Despite claiming he had no interest in directing another HALLOWEEN movie (you may remember he said the same thing about ever doing a remake), Shock Till You Drop are now reporting that Rob Zombie is expected to be announced as the director of HALLOWEEN 2 for Dimension Films this week. The sequel is expected to film in March (previous reports of January were ambitious) and it's an easy gig for Zombie who has struggled to get his pulp movie TRYANNOSAURAUS REX off the ground... Last year's remake made $58 million domestic, more than enough for a sequel to be a financial probability but despite the attachment of several other directors (including Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, directors of INSIDE), The Weinstiens always wanted Zombie to return. It would appear he had been hounded for a year about this project and finally relented and has agreed to return to Haddonfield along with Tyler Mane (the man behind the Shatner mask). If Zombie does accept the gig in will be the first time in the franchise history that a director has returned for a consecutive movie in the series and only the second time a director has come back to helm Michael Myers again, after Rick Rosenthal did HALLOWEEN II (1981) and HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION (2002). To give Zombie some credit. He used the actual killer character of Michael Myers better than anyone since John Carpenter. Without the "remake" restrictions, he might just have a good HALLOWEEN movie in him. Wonder if he is writing the script too?

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