Robert De Niro, 50 Cent & Forest Whitaker Are FREELANCERS

It has been asked innumerable times previously, and yet each new cruel depth plumbed by Robert De Niro€™s latter day career means we have to revisit the topic once more - where, oh where, did it all go wrong for Bobby? Once considered the American movie actor of his generation, his collaborations with Martin Scorsese resulted in seminal performances including Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and the endlessly underrated King of Comedy, and more. At no point during this time did it seem possible that in the 21st century he would be reduced to sharing a film-set with a rapper whose primary selling point is the number of times he has been shot. But, sadly, this is what will happen when De Niro stars alongside 50 Cent in the forthcoming movie Freelancers. Deadline say the movie will follow 50 Cent as the son of a murdered NYPD cop who graduates from a police academy and then gets recruited by a group of rogue cops led by his dad's old partner, played by De Niro. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is also in talks to join the cast. The film will be directed by former music video maker, Jessy Terrero (Soul Train), based on a script by Philippe Casseus (first screenplay from a former grip) and is scheduled to begin shooting April 18th in New Orleans.
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