Robert Pattinson's The Batman Revealed: One Detail Everyone Missed

The latest live action batsuit includes a killer Easter egg...

After years with only a few occasional updates, production is moving full steam ahead on Matt Reeves' The Batman. A wave of casting announcements broke over the course of 2019, with the most intriguing being Robert Pattinson as the titular Dark Knight - and now, Reeves has finally taken to social media to reveal what exactly the film's Batman will look like.

In a similar manner to how Warner Bros. revealed Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in 2018, Reeves spotlighted Pattinson's Batman in a short, minute-long teaser. The video - uploaded to Vimeo last night - is set to Michael Giacchino's score for the upcoming film and showcases the new costume underneath a shadowy, red light. It's not the clearest look ever, but the composition is fantastic and there are some really cool details hidden in the suit itself, the most important of all being the bat-symbol.


Eagle-eyed Bat-fans have pointed out that the symbol adorning Pattinson's batsuit looks to be comprised of the firearm that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, father and mother to Bruce. It's a grim visual for sure, but one that also takes its roots from the comics, with a short story from last year's Detective Comics #1000 (written by Kevin Smith with art from Jim Lee), seemingly forming the inspiration for the Dark Knight's latest onscreen look.

DC Comics/Jim Lee

It also looks as though the new costume is mixing and matching different looks from Batman's past. The armour plating on the chest and shoulders seems fairly reminiscent of the design seen in 2013's Batman: Arkham Origins video game, while the cowl itself looks to be composed of a more traditional, less-armoured fabric, ala the batsuits of yesteryear.


Basically, it looks cool as hell. And yes, Pattinson absolutely looks the part. How could you not with that jawline?

Elsewhere in related Bat-news, Jeffrey Wright, who is set to play Commissioner Gordon in the reboot, took to Twitter to reveal what could potentially be our first look at the new bat-signal. There's no bat on it currently, and it's worth noting that Gotham probably has a much higher ratio of floodlights-to-rooftops than most other cities... but come on! Where else is Gordon going to spend his weeknights? The Iceberg Lounge? Pfft.


All in all, things are shaping up rather nicely for the next Batman film. Pattinson may steal the show in that teaser, but that Giacchino score is something else. Expect more teasers to come in the weeks and months ahead!


What do you think of Robert Pattinson's batsuit? Let us know in the comments below!

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