Robert Rodriguez Developing Spy Kids Movie Reboot

The reboot of the series would be the first new Spy Kids film in nearly a decade.

Spy Kids
Dimension Films

Spy Kids, the cult kids' movie franchise the spawned Machete and innumerable memes about God living in fear of what He created, is getting a reboot courtesy of original writer/director Robert Rodriguez and Skydance Media.

As announced by Deadline, the film will "revolve around the activities of a multicultural family" different from the Cortez family featured. Rodriguez, who has written and directed all four of the films in the series thus far, will return in the same capacity. It's not clear if any members of the cast will likewise be returning.

The reboot will be a co-production between Skydance Media, known as the current producers of the Mission: Impossible and Terminator franchises, and rights holders Spyglass Media Group. Previous entries in the series were produced by Miramax's Dimension Films. It will be the first new film in the series since the release of Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 2011.


The original Spy Kids, released in 2001, was a surprise hit for Dimension Films, grossing over $147 million from a $35 million budget. Two sequels, The Island of Lost Dreams and Game Over, were released successively in the following two years, which were likewise financial successes. It was followed by All the Time in the World over seven years later, itself a soft reboot focusing on a new group of characters. The film performed poorly, becoming the lowest-grossing entry in the series, and was criticized for its "4D" release gimmick. In 2018, a computer-animated spin-off series entitled Spy Kids: Mission Critical was released on Netflix, lasting two 10-episode seasons.

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