ROBIN HOOD, ROBIN HOOD Riding Through to Cannes!

Variety announced this morning that Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" will open the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, in a non-competetive Wednesday May 12th showcase. Universal will open the movie in France on the same day, before it's worldwide bow two days later. Ridley Scott is clearly relying on sun tanned critics to be swept away by his swords & dirt, flaming arrows, and middle aged mascunlinity cinema; rather than what I predict; a backlash for being mundane, bleak, boring and "Gladiator" derivative. Jo I have a feeling Universal are playing the nostalgia crowd with critics, the same way Spielberg did for "Indiana Jones 4" two years ago; and which absolutely worked. The Cannes buzz for "Indy" was strong and it would only be three days later until we realised what a mistake they had made. In related news; Vulture have managed to track down Aaron Eckhart and make him spill on "The Rum Diary" stating; "I think they€™re trying to get into Cannes, maybe."Previously I mentioned Bruce Robinson's ("Withnail & I") adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel as my top choice for Cannes if I could only see one movie. I also rather boldly predicted that Johnny Depp would win his first Oscar for the movie as Best Actor next year.

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