Robocop Viral Reveals ED-209 And Hints Robocop Coming Soon

Robocop's favourite sparing partner is showcased and there's not a flight of stairs in sight.

With still over a year to go before we get to see the reboot of RoboCop, Sony have launched a new website to tie in with the film. is a website belonging to the mega corporation that builds RoboCop in the film. On the site you have a video highlighting the different military products Omnicorp are working on and our first glimpse of the new ED-209. Presented in a TV advertisement that presents weaponry in a positive way, much like the original advertisement and news reports in the original Paul Verhoeven RoboCop, we get a glimpse at the sort of technology that the reboot may have on show and our first look at the first of redesigned, ED-209.

I don't know about you but I love the original ED-209 design. It's big, aggressive and down right mean. Within the viral advertisement this new ED-209 looks like it will be presented in much the same way but with all those layers and shapes, this new ED 209 looks a bit more 'Bay-Formers" than I'd like. Old ED-209 had real personality but I guess a large part of that is from what we see in the film, so I'll hold out until I see how this new ED-209 is used before I form a real opinion.

Of course the big deal here is that the viral hints that a reveal of our new Robocop redesign is 'coming soon', which makes me think San Diego Comic Con might have a stomping, half man, half machine, all cop presentation for us. It's hard to tell exactly what we're seeing in the teaser shots but the shot below seems about as close to a face as my imagination can cobble together. If that is indeed the cased, we will be seeing a very different design to Robo's classic 80s good looks and something very modern (and distinctly video game like).

With an awesome cast that includes Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Laurie and this fantastic looking website, Sony is doing everything right so far to raise expectations for RoboCop.

So then Robocop fans, who's excited? Are you looking forward to seeing a redesign? Can a Robocop reboot work as well as the original did? Who already wants to see a fight between ED-209's (I do). Leave you comments below. You have twenty seconds to comply.

(Amarpal Biring contributed to this report)

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