Rockwell, Jones & Macfadyen all board Frost/Nixon

frost-nixon.jpgSam Rockwell along with Toby Jones and Matthew Macfadyen have all signed up for roles in the upcoming Ron Howard movie Frost/Nixon.
The play is based on a series of televised interviews that President Nixon granted David Frost in 1977 and that ended with a tacit admission of guilt regarding his role in the Watergate scandal. Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are reprising their Broadway roles as Nixon and Frost, respectively.
The story from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon reveals the following tidbits... Rockwell will be playing the award winning journalist James Reston Jr, who is the head researcher for Frost and helps him prepare his interviews. Jones will be the legendary deal breaker Swifty Lazar, who sets up the meeting between Frost and Nixon. Macfayden will be play British T.V. journalist and presenter John Burt. I enjoy all three actor's work and I absolutely adore the two leads Langella and Sheen, who both have a tremendous way of transforming themselves completely into different people with their sheer energy and charisma. I'm looking forward to this, when Ron Howard has his heart on a project he usually delivers big time... and this is a project he was desperate to film.
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