Rodriguez next project.. NOT Sin City or Jetsons or Lost...

barbarella23.jpgNo, no. This is something entirely different altogether. Robert Rodriguez has been hired by Universal to make the updated remake of Barbarella with a 2008 release date attached. For those of you with good memories, you may remember in February we reported that Hannibal Rising helmer Peter Webber had been given the reigns to direct the picture. Now, the changing of a director before filming is not all that un-common but it is strange that Variety have no mention of Webber's involvement past, present or future in their article today. Has the opportunity of getting someone like Rodriguez been too good for the studio to turn down? Or did Hannibal's latest adventure scare off Universal from using Webber? So there it is. This will be Rodriguez's next movie. Which means The Jetsons, Land of the Lost and Sin City 2 won't be made by Rodriguez this summer. If Sin City 2 is to be made, then it would seem would be Frank Miller going solo... which I'm quite excited about although we have heard no official confirmation on this. It could just be that Sin City is delayed. Rodriguez helming Barbarella? Once again he proves to be a director that is impossible to keep track of and predict what his next move will be. His version of Barbarella will be fun, over-the top, extremely sexy and no doubt very tongue-in-cheek, especially with the Casino Royale writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade on board.
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