Rogen wants Chow as Kato in The Green Hornet!

Seth Rogen, who if you told me last week was the man in charge of The Green Hornet I would have called ya crazy, is said to already have an idea as to who he wants to play Kato in his comedic version of the show. Who does he think can replicate Bruce Lee? How about Stephen Chow, the star of Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer and the guy who Quentin Tarantino once said was "the best actor in Hong Kong.". Although I haven't seen the above two films, as an outsider looking in this seems like a great choice to me. He has proven himself to not only be a great athletic specimen but has proven to be a guy who can do humor. And surprise, surprise, Bruce Lee was a huge hero of his when he was growing up so this role would no doubt be a dream come true for Chow. The news comes from the Los Angeles Times who first broke the news of Seth Rogen's pitch impressing Sony enough to greenlight the film. It's absolutely bizarre that Rogen is writing and starring in The Green Hornet but if he knows what he's doing then why not? It's not like there was ever going to be a movie made by anyone else at this point. source - coming soon

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