Roger Moore Back As James Bond In Spectre!

Well in this fan trailer anyway.

Roger Moore and Daniel Craig are positioned at polar opposite ends of the Bond spectrum. Both have great and not so great (Quantum of Solace, never forgive, never forget) credits as England's spy du-jour, but their approaches contrast vastly. Moore a wise-cracking gentlemen, splitting his time between Playboy cover-girls of the 70s and foiling cartoonish schemes for world domination. Craig on the other hand broods and struggles his way through each adventure, with an "I'll knock your shit in" attitude more inline with Ian Fleming's novels. But what would happen if Moore stepped into Craig's darker, nastier world? Well the chaps at Mars VFX have given us an indicator by cutting Moore into a trailer for upcoming Craig outing Spectre. Pretty awesome right? Rather than contrasting the styles for comic effect, the trailer balances them to create an authentic looking hybrid. In fact, it tonally eres toward the Brosnan era (think Goldeneye),where the personification of Bond occupied the hypothetical middle-ground between Moore and Craig. Moore certainly seemed to enjoy it. Spectre hits UK cinemas ahead of its US release on October 26th. As far as we know, Sir Roger won't feature in the actual movie.

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