Ron Livingston & Lili Taylor Join James Wan's New Horror The Conjuring

Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson lead the haunted house movie which has the exact same plot as Wan's last film Insidious.

A cast is forming for Saw co-creator James Wan's new chiller, The Conjuring. The Hollywood Reporter says Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor have signed on to the film, joining the previously cast leads Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson who signed on earlier in the week. Though they are also reporting that The Conjuring may be in for a name change before shooting begins in March in North Caroline. Based on Andrea Perron'snon-fiction book 'House of Darkness, House of Light: The True Story', the 1970s set horror revolves around the problems a couple are facing living in a farmhouse that is being spooked. The book is her recalling of living in a Rhode Island home that was claimed to be a portal for friendly and evil spirits. You can see what the real Rhode Island home looked like below; Farmiga & Wilson play supernatural husband & wife investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren, Livingston & Taylor are the couple living in the seemingly haunted house. If the plot sounds familiar, it's the exact same premise of Wan's last horror Insidious which was a massive success and grossed $54 million domestically (almost $100 million worldwide) on a budget of just $1.5 million. That movie also starred Patrick Wilson in one of the leading roles and it's no surprise to hear he jumped on the chance of appearing in this, presumably very pleased with his cut of the Insidious profits. Chad & Carey Hayes, the brothers behind sub-standard horror's House of Wax and The Reaping are credited with the screenplay. The film was originally setup at Summit Entertainment in 2009 but has ended up at New Line where it will now be made. Wan, who produces mildly entertaining horrors, is at least one modern day filmmaker who isn't ashamed of working almost exclusively in this genre and we look forward to see what he will come up with here.
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