Rumor #2 - Sam Raimi in talks for Clash of the Titans

clash-of-the-titans-poster-c10135450.jpgWow, IESB are getting some big rumor scoops today. Here's one that I would just love to be true. Now I hate remakes, I really do. Nothing bugs me more than seeing films were have grown up and loved turned into some studio driven shit by talentless and boring 'yes man' directors. Most recently we've seen it with The Wicker Man and The Omen, the original to both movies I have grown up and adored. Sometimes though and it's rare, a talented director will come along and make a worthy remake to the original material. Peter Jackson's spectacular version of King Kong is an awesome movie. Zack Snyder's version of Dawn of the Dead I prefer to the original (which I did like before hand very much). John Carpenter did it with The Thing. David Cronenberg did it with The Fly... and so on and so on and so on. I've bitched about a Clash of the Titans remake as recently as April. My main concern was over the treatment of the Ray Harryhausen stop motion animated creatures which would no doubt be turned into crappy CGI. However, the rumor of who they have offered the project too stops me worrying about this completely. The word is Sam Raimi has been offered the gig. This is the guy remember who has a terrific respect for Harryhausen and his Army of Darkness could almost be seen as a great homage to his work, with the stop motion skeletons etc. If anyone was to treat this material with respect it would have to be him. Warners and Legendary Pictures are keeping quiet over this news but I would go geek crazy if it turned out to be true.
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