RUMOR: Maggie Q is the Silver Fox in WOLVERINE

Finally some good news about WOLVERINE, though I still can't help but feel the best news for this movie would be if it was scrapped. IESB are reporting that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (she was the only good thing in that movie) actress Maggie Q has been cast as The Silver Fox in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. The Silver Fox is Wolverine's love interest and from the script I read, she has a vital part in the upcoming prequel.



Yeah, I could imagine her having great chemistry with Hugh Jackman and actually they are already starring in a movie together next year with the mysterious sex thriller THE LIST alongside Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams. And we know Maggie Q's tough... we've seen her play tough in two of the biggest action flicks of the last two years. Earlier in the week, there were also rumors that 48 year old Robert Knepper from PRISON BREAK had been cast in an unknown villain role in WOLVERINE (and also strangely, the remake of THE BIRDS). I didn't put much weight into the story, but what the hell I might as well tag it along here...


Has he possibly taken the William Stryker role which Liev Schreiber was in talks last month? The role that Brian Cox totally owned in X-MEN 2. Then again, there was also rumors that the film was to be delayed because the script just isn't filmable. Who knows the truth? Guess something concrete will have to happen soon because this thing needs to be filming no later than January/February if it is to get made before the strike and open in that May 2009 release slot.
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