Rumor: Tom Hanks gets "biggest salary ever"

davincicode.jpgCinema Blend are reporting Tom Hanks has been offerred the "biggest salary ever paid for a Hollywood actor" to reprise his role of Robert Langdon for The Da Vinci Code follow-up movie Angels & Demons. The word is Hanks was reluctant to reprise the character, probably because of the negative reaction to The Da Vinci Code film, some of which was pointed at his performance particularly. Of course, it's little surprise Sony have offered him such a huge deal (said to be north of $5o million) to come back to the movie. The Da Vinci Code made an absolute insane $758 million worldwide, so for them to try and get Hanks back is a no-brainer.... mainly because unless they were thinking about calling the flick The Da Vinci Code 2 (which if they did would be the most obvious money-grabbing maneuver in the history of film) there's only Hanks who will be carrying on from the first movie. There's no Audrey Tautou or Jean Reno in Angels and Demons for example. If they had to replace Hanks with another actor, the studio might have been worried the audience wouldn't easily be able to catch on to the fact it's a Da Vinci Code sequel. Filming is tentatively scheduled for July, with Ron Howard returning to helm. If Sony think this movie is going to make the numbers The Da Vinci Code did, then I think they are set for a huge wake-up call come next Summer. There's no doubt the movie will do well, very well.... but the title The Da Vinci Code won millions for the movie before it was even made..... Angels & Demons won't have that type of fanbase. source - cinema blend
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