Russell Crowe is Robin Hood & The Sheriff of Nottingham?!?!?!

Well we knew Ridley Scott's mega ambitious new take on the Robin Hood character was going to be different but I didn't quite expect this. Scott has told MTV that not only will Russell Crowe be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in his film, something we have known for two years now but he shall also be playing his usual nemesis, the outlaw Robin Hood. In Scott's take, they are one in the same person (oh and Hood won't be wearing tights, because it's 300 years before they have been invented)...

"He's playing both...a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes.
Which explains the original idea when we heard that the Sheriff of Nottingham would actually be a good guy in this film and also explains how they got so close to filming in late Summer without the part of Hood being announced. So instead of it being Robin of Locksley who gives up his fame, his land and fortune to live with the outlaws in Sherwood Forest, it will be the prosperous, wealthy and politically powered Sheriff. Or will it be the other way around? Surely not, as I wanna see Hood have more screentime than the Sheriff Presumably either the Guy of Gisbourne or King John, probably both will be the villains of the piece. Actually we believe that William Hurt had already been cast as either Gisbourne or John, he is certainly an actor capable of carrying off the enough villainy for one movie. Sienna Miller (as Maid Marrion) and Vanessa Redgrave should also return to the project when it begins filming early Spring, when the grass is greener in England. Well for those wanting something different to be depicted in this Hood adaptation, we are certainly getting that. Me, I will always plum for the simple and fun Errol Flynn adaptation as being the best, but I don't mind seeing them try something new.
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